Invaluable to Start-Ups: The Part Time CTO

You have a business plan. You have support staff. You have technology. You have capital.

So how about a Part-Time CTO?

When setting up your new business – regardless of budget – there are absolutes you must put into place. The structure of your start-up determines so much in those early days and missing a component can delay or derail success.

A Chief Technology Officer, isn’t on everyone’s list as a must-hire. In fact, it might seem a luxury to bring someone in who can design and develop a technology plan for your start-up.

But those things are invaluable. In this day and age, your web site, social media and technological platform are everything – and customers and investors aren’t going to wait for you to figure out the latest and greatest for implementation.

A Part-Time CTO is not a long-term employee. They aren’t moving in. They are coming in to create, incorporate and ignite your technological presence for the world to see, and once you are up and running, they are onto the next endeavor.

The knowledge and creativity of a Part-Time or Consulting CTO takes the pressure off when it comes to technology. No need to hire out such important functions – no cookie cutter websites and platforms for your start-up. This is custom designed functionality, designed specifically to your product or message – without the need to take on a huge salaried employee long term.

The CTO isn’t a luxury – this is what’s going to set your start-up apart from all the rest.

About David Rashty

David Rashty, an entrepreneur and one of the early web pioneers, has over twenty years’ experience as a CTO and a CEO. David is the funder and CEO of CreativeMinds which focus on WordPress and Magento products.

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