Outsourcing in Poland – Spotlight

Poland is a growing center of technology outsourcing, with expansion rapidly taking this country from unknown to sought-after. A gem of the European Union, Poland offers an exceptional crop of technology professionals – programmers, project managers and more – all of whom can be assets to your start-up.

With an emphasis on IP security, and infrastructure, many American and European businesses feel comfortable working with Polish technology workers. A common language and culture – coupled together with an exceptional university system – and there is already a strong foundation for finding the right outsourcing in this country.


Poland’s university system produces many strong software engineers; many awards are going to their top students, and they in turn are influencing the intellectual direction of the field. This bodes well for the future of Poland as a hotbed of technology professionals and creative thinking minds.

There is already a small programming community within Poland, and that is growing all the time. International companies have become aware of the talent there, and have moved much of their technology work to Poland. Many have R&D centers, customer service locations, and other facilities, with more coming all the time.

The culture of the Polish software engineers is very oriented toward out of the box thinking.  The best programmers are not just following directions. They are thinkers who ask the right questions – the ones that don’t just get the project done correctly. It gets the project done to the customer’s specifications, with satisfaction from all parties. This is an exciting option for those seeking a technological partner in the development of their start-up. Creative thinking is so valuable in taking a company to the next level.

There are different ways and models to run outsourcing projects with Polish software development companies, and Project Management is a very crucial part of it. You are expected to have a series of checks and balances, as well as strict quality control. This means all their work is constantly under scrutiny from the inside, to catch mistakes before they are able to grow into something problematic. Working in a country with similar standards and expectations when it comes to management and security is a big plus.

After engaging various out-sourcing companies as a Consulting CTO in several countries, working with Polish software engineers is a great pleasure, with projects running according to expectations and a high level of trust in the outcome.

About David Rashty

David Rashty, an entrepreneur and one of the early web pioneers, has over twenty years’ experience as a CTO and a CEO. David is the funder and CEO of CreativeMinds which focus on WordPress and Magento products.

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