Share Your Ideas with a CTO

Do you want some initial feedback on how to take your ideas and turn them into a viable product?

Please Send an email and include a short paragraph that describes the idea you want to develop into a product. We understand that you may not want to share all your secrets with us. However, this is only the first step along the way to productizing your idea and you have to start somewhere. Our confidentiality is assured.

We have a proven assessment methodology which can answer the many questions you may have in turning your idea into a product, including predicting a timetable for development, an evaluation of the technologies needed, and the costs involved.

CTO Evaluation Process

CTO Evaluation Process


After initial contact is made, the first thing we will do is set up an introductory meeting to discuss and review your potential product’s development, its issues, and concerns.

We don’t charge for the introductory meeting. If you decide that you would like to continue having our help and guidance we can offer several consulting models which will match your budget and needs and will help you develop you streamline the process of developing your product