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How to maintain delicate relations between investors and founders

This article expands a bit the issue of the kinds of relationships there are between investors and founders. How to manage the respective roles as, as either a founder of a startup or as an investor in a venture, is a major issue that needs to be rightly managed in early seed ventures and startups in general in order to achieve success.

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Approaches to finding testers for your MVP, The iPhone App

Providing support for your html"}]' tabindex='0' role='link'>Minimum Viable Product testers (sometimes known as Alpha version users) is an ongoing process that requires preparation and considerable time and effort in order to receive the kinds of feedback that you are after.

Recently I have come across several complexities when working with html"}]' tabindex='0' role='link'>Minimum Viable Product testers. Here I describe two ventures; each with a different model for using html"}]' tabindex='0' role='link'>Minimum Viable Product testers, and consequently chosen because of different users’ needs and approach for each. Here I share my experiences and lessons learned from dealing with both types in this two-part article

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Preparing a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your MVP

Social media marketing has revolutionized the way young startups gather and interact with their target audiences and consequently it has influenced the way that we gather potential new customers. Social Media marketing is a good way to test your html"}]' tabindex='0' role='link'>Minimum Viable Product assumptions and gather user requirements. It may also help when searching for a html"}]' tabindex='0' role='link'>monetization model, and nonetheless aids in finding users for the beta release of your html"}]' tabindex='0' role='link'>Minimum Viable Product.

There are four keys to utilizing the power of Social Media. First is understanding the different methods and possibilities available when using social media. Second, prepare a plan for what is needed and expected from using the social media. Third, design and test the methods you plan to use to achieve your goals. Finally, execute your strategies while continuously adjusting your techniques and method, depending on the results you get.

Getting the right strategy for managing your social media marketing is key to a well designed and tested MPV.
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