Technology – Part of your Fundamentals.

Our ideas, our designs, our service, our product – they are the lifeblood of our start-up. When we’re ready to take the next step – the step into making them a reality, we want to make sure they are placed securely on a platform that will support, nurture and grow them.

Much like all the thought and care that went into the creation of our idea, we want to look at what surrounds them. Technology is such a huge part of this equation. An email is more important than a phone number, a website is a no-brainer. Would you even think to launch your business without an electronic presence?

With that level of importance, there are, of course, a ton of options in the marketplace. Packages and bundles offered to you in neat boxes. But what if you’re not easily defined or your goals don’t fall into their definitions?

Your online presence is not a laptop you can pull out of the box and just plug in. Think about that new computer for a moment. All the software you delete because you’ll never use it. You paid for that, but it isn’t what you need or want.

That excess is something most new start-ups cannot afford. Every dollar you spend needs to have a return. And technology is too important a brick in your foundation to spend foolishly on.

A CTO can be one of your options. Their true asset is to spend your technology dollars smartly, to build the right platform to suit your needs and goals. They work for you – not for the plans or bundles they’re selling. A Chief Technology Officer protects your investment by knowing who to hire – the companies and individuals who will help you advance your idea by not sticking it into a box. And that knowledge can be invaluable to any start-up during those crucial early days.

About David Rashty

David Rashty, an entrepreneur and one of the early web pioneers, has over twenty years’ experience as a CTO and a CEO. David is the funder and CEO of CreativeMinds which focus on WordPress and Magento products.

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