Utilizing WordPress for your New Venture

In recent years, WordPress has become the most well-known and commonly used web platform, with over 75 million websites in 120 languages, that comprise of 47% of the market share among CMS technologies.

Using WordPress as a platform for your new venture is something worth considering while taking into account several areas in which WordPress can help your new venture launch faster. Some of the leading WordPress related business and services can be found in this directory

Utilizing WordPress for your Startup

More than just a blogging platform

Although initially released as a blogging tool, today’s WordPress is a lot more than that. It is a great CMS system for any sort of content related site, and it is becoming an eCommerce platform for small and medium online shops. So the first thing you need to consider is building your new venture-marketing site on WordPress. You can host it in one of the existing WordPress friendly hosting companies or on the WordPress.com platform where you’ll be able to enjoy the know-how of the experts in terms of optimizing your site for speed and availability.
Building your site on WordPress starts with choosing your site’s theme, which can help you to express your brand’s message, and picking the right plugins that can help you achieve the functionality you are after.

When it Comes to WordPress, Always Go Pro!

It is a common mistake to think that WordPress is all free. Indeed, you can download WordPress, along with many available themes and plugins for free, but if you want to have a liable company that can support you in times of trouble and stand behind the themes or plugins you’re using, you better consider using the premium editions.

Premium WordPress themes

There are several known companies that develop great WordPress themes such us ElegantThemes, which has a variety of themes to choose from. Themes costs around $40 – $90, and they are worth every single cent!

Premium WordPress Plugins

Starting with WordPress.org plugin repository can give you an initial idea of what plugins are available, but there are several plugin directories made by fine companies such as Easy Digital Downloads, CM Plugins and Yoast that sell premium plugins and have a great support to help you utilize and solve any conflicts using their plugins. Plugins can cost anywhere between $20 to $100 and some are even more expensive. Premium plugins can give you an edge which can not be achieved with the free plugins and the most important of all is the support you receive. You can also see examples of how plugins creators are showcasing their plugins abilities in this this following sites. KnowledgeTrail which shows usage of mapping plugin and ResearchTrail.com which shows the usage of eLearning plugins.

Stand out above the rest with a Custom WordPress plugin

Another aspect to consider while using WordPress is to develop your own plugin, which will include an integration with your core product. This is a marketing and product oriented decision that will allow you to gain a whole new audience who is currently looking for your specific solution. Placing your plugin in the WordPress.org catalog is easy. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines and make sure your plugin works with other popular plugins and themes. You can gain audience downloading your plugin and connecting to your product/service, as well as several online shops that can help you develop your plugin and maintain it. Developing a plugin can cost anywhere between $1500 to $10000 depending on the amount of work involved, as the average cost per hour for WordPress development service is around $50. You can also view several online courses which explain more about what it takes to develop a WordPress plugin.

WordPress for eCommerce

WordPress is also growing as an eCommerce solution, mainly for small and medium businesses. You can easily use WordPress to sell things like subscription, audio-books and digital products, as well as sell physical products that involve shipment. There are several known and tested WordPress-based cart systems such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads that are already hosting thousands of sites, so building your venture’s eCommerce platform on WordPress can actually be easier than expected.

WordPress for Product development

Last but not last, some known companies run their products based on the WordPress platform. If your product requirements can be developed within the WordPress core, taking this decision may well help you speed up your product release, but it will require a better understanding of the WordPress technology and library, as well as a good developers Although it is commonly used it is hard sometime to find good WordPress developers which have experienced the platform in the way which can help you utilize it to the point where it can serve as a platform to your product.

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